Smart Home Comfort

Building a smart home starts with the ability to connect everything the home owner wants and needs. Complete smart home comfort starts with the cornerstones of temperature, lighting and motion sensors, and branches out to any electric appliance you can dream of. Achieving true home comfort includes remotely controlling lights, shutters and temperature AV systems through smartphone apps, even when away from home. It means waking up in the morning to a hot shower and a freshly brewed cup of coffee, as both the water heater and the coffee machines are timed automatically according to the home owners’ behavior patterns. True smart home comfort means easily controlling all speakers and audio components, and setting the music to start when people enter a room and stop when the room is empty. Fully utilizing all the features offered in a connected home makes it not only smart, but a true luxury.

Full Home Integration

From entertainment and gaming systems to the coffee machine, TouchWand helps you connect all electric devices and home appliances by offering a main controller that is compatible with other brands, and can connect to most Z-Wave products, IP controlled devices and KNX devices.

By offering home owners the open and compatible TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub controller, builders and integrators can easily provide the highest possible level of smart home comfort, as they are giving home owners the opportunity to integrate a wide range of IOT products and enabling them to add new devices in the future.

Control Audio &
Video Systems

Turn on Coffee
Machine by Timer

Comfort and Security

All these smart home comforts become even more valuable when they tie-in to security. Setting home lights to turn on or off by automated timers can help homeowners ward off burglars when they are out of town; and setting the lights to turn on by motion sensors and room occupancy can alert their neighbors or the neighborhood watch in case someone enters the home when they are away.

Automated Timers
for Lights

Automated Locks &
Security Systems