TouchWand Customer Service

Smart homes should offer more than connectivity and accessibility. TouchWand takes smart home building to the next level, by offering a cloud service and support package that creates a truly intelligent living environment.

The TouchWand cloud collects, stores and analyzes consumption data, providing home owners with customized reports, tips & ongoing recommendations to continuously reduce and optimize their electricity consumption. The TouchWand customer service center offers global support in over six languages. These extra services are unique to TouchWand, available only to home owners who manage their smart home through the TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub.

Extra features that are offered with the TouchWand cloud service include:
• Backup of all system configurations and consumption data
• Electricity usage analytics and visualized consumption reports
• A smart BI system that analyzes the data and identifies consumption patterns
• BI-based recommendations based on the consumption patterns, for ongoing system optimization
• Global customer support in over six languages
• Automated updates of all TouchWand connected devices and latest available configurations
• Sending alerts to TouchWand customer service in case of emergency scenarios

Home owners using the TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub who are interested in these extra service, can include the cloud and support package for a mere 1.5 Euro/month.

Taking Care of Our Customers

There’s no catch to the extremely friendly and feasible low monthly payment – TouchWand was built on the belief that smart homes should also think, also assist, and also reach out and offer support to home owners; building a modern home that is connected, but doesn’t tailor itself to its residents and doesn’t adapt and update itself as time goes by, is taking a step back when looking at all the technologies that are available today. That’s why the TouchWand system enables connectivity of smart products by other brands, and that’s why the TouchWand customer service package is offered at such a great price. TouchWand creates smart solutions that put the customers and their homes first, at any price.