Minding the Environment, at Home

When planning a smart home environment, architects and interior designers keep green, environmental factors at the top of their priorities list. Home owners expect this of them, since part of the benefits of a smart home stem from today’s environmental requirements. Environmental awareness is at the core of the smart home’s electricity consumption features – reducing electricity use cuts costs, while supporting global sustainability. Going green is a significant part of the smart home environment.

By continuously reducing their electricity consumption, smart home owners are achieving true environmental awareness and understanding. Receiving actual consumption reports with recommendations that are tailored to their home, helps home owners see the bigger picture behind a truly environmental smart home.

The TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub and cloud service are able to provide these reports through the use of big data and learning methods. The TouchWand cloud service analyzes aggregated consumption data and delivers BI-based recommendations for reducing the home owners’ electricity use. These recommendations are unique for each household, based on past and ongoing consumption patterns – this is the ultimate solution for truly implementing environmental awareness and sustainability in the home.

Green Building

TouchWand products are compliant with leading rating systems and green building requirements, including USGBC, LEED & EDGE. This means that all connected products are built for efficiency and created to monitor and reduce the use of resources, like electricity and water.

TouchWand’s home control system has endless configuration options for automated scenarios based on the system’s recommendations, all supporting green efforts. For example:

Setting AC systems to reach pre-defined temperatures, based on indoor temperature sensors, presence sensors that monitor room occupancy, and magnetic sensors that identify open doors or windows and manage the AC system accordingly.

Automating hot water heaters to provide hot water only when needed, based on usage reports, or to shut down when not needed, if solar heaters are in place and the sun is out (or turn the electric water boilers on, during cloudy days.)

Controlling lights & shutters by using LUX sensors to determine the available natural light in a room, and open/close the window shutters, or turn electric light fixtures on/off, as needed.

The TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub can also send cloud service subscribers alerts when anomalies are identified in their electricity usage, in addition to notifications of their daily, weekly or monthly consumption patterns. All these BI-supported features contribute to the growing awareness of actual electricity consumption – something that until recently was not fully understood by, or clearly visible to, most home owners.