Customer Service

Customers using the TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub can sign up for the TouchWand cloud service and support package for a mere 1.5 Euro/month.

By combining the cloud service with the hub, home owners receive: full backup of their home data and system configurations, electricity usage analytics & efficiency recommendations, and energy consumption reports. Customers using the cloud service can also add TouchWand to their alerts system, authorizing the support center to receive and act upon notifications in case of emergencies.

In addition to the Wanderfull™ Hub’s multilingual interface, TouchWand also offers cloud subscribers 24/7 multilingual smart home customer service in English, German, French, Arabic, Hungarian, Russian and more.

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Environment – Sustainability as an Ongoing Effort

All TouchWand products meet green building requirements, but true environmental awareness & compliance is an ongoing effort.

TouchWand offers the only cloud based system that collects consumption data and provides comprehensive analytics and recommendations, based on the energy usage patterns within the home. This service creates a smart home environment that is truly environmental, as the continuous optimization and reduction of electricity consumption is the real essence of “going green”.

Customers are encouraged to add new automation scenarios to their TouchWand system, or improve existing ones, based on these recommendations. Automations are the core of the smart home and support its environmental impact.

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AC Control

AC system automations can be based on temperature sensors
(reaching only a pre-defined desired temperature),
presence sensors (monitoring room occupancy),
magnetic sensors (identifying open windows),
by time of day, and more.

Hot Water Heaters

Water boiler automation can be based on time of day
(when do household members usually run out of
hot water?) or on other existing hot water supplies,
like solar heaters, and activate the boilers
automatically only on cloudy days.

Lights & Shutters

LUX sensors determine the necessary amount of light 

needed in each room, identify the amount of available natural light, and support automated
control of lighting fixtures and/or window shutters accordingly.

Comfort – Ease of Integration

Smart home comfort starts with the basic cornerstones of temperature, lighting, and motion sensors, but can reach so many different complex levels – the sky’s the limit.

The beauty of the TouchWand products and Wanderfull™ Hub controller is that they are fully compatible with other brands, supporting almost all Z-Wave products, and BLE & KNX devices. This means that home owners with a TouchWand-powered smart home will be able to add on addition features and functionalities, buy new IOT connected products for their home, and keep updating the comfort of their home, without compromising the ease and comfort of maintaining their smart home environment.

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Control Audio & Video Systems

Turn on Coffee Machine by Timer

Automated Timers for Lights

Automated Locks & Security Systems

TouchWand Scenarios

Safe @ Home

Le systeme TouchWand et sa box Wanderfull incluent une grande variete de possibilites depuis le contrôle des systèmes de sécurité résidentiels intelligents, en utilisant des capteurs de mouvement, des verrous de porte et de fenêtre et des notifications d'alerte et jusqu'a meme la santé et le bien-être.


TouchWand est compatible avec les capteurs corporels personnels, les boutons de panique et les detecteurs d'intérieurs qui surveillent les événements dangereux, y compris le feu, la fumée, les inondations, la pollution de l'air et bien plus encore.


Les scénarios automatisés TouchWand peuvent être configurés pour avertir les pompiers en cas de détection de fumée ou de températures anormalement élevées, pour appeler un centre de surveillance local si une alerte de panique est déclenchée, ou avertir le centre de support TouchWand si un danger potentiel est identifié.


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