The TouchWand Management System

All TouchWand products work seamlessly together, and with any other Z-Wave products, to offer the most comprehensive all-inclusive smart home management system.

Compatible with certified Z-Wave,
BLE & KNX devices and Wi-Fi
wireless connections

The Wanderfull™ Hub is the heart of the system. Connected to all sensors, switches and security components, the hub can either store data or send it to the TouchWand cloud service, providing BI-based reports for efficient energy consumption management. The Wanderfull™ Hub manages all automation configurations and alerts, while offering support in over 6 different languages. When connected to the cloud, the hub carries out routine technical updates, ensuring that all connected TouchWand products are always up to date.

Intuitive single-app control
of all smart switches, sensors
and outlets

Initial setup and ongoing control
through smartphones, tablets
or computers

Cloud service is available for
BI-based analytics reports and
routine technical updates

Continuous environment learning
for recommending new energy
saving scenarios

Multilingual human support and
ongoing smart home assistance
beyond installation


TouchWand Scenarios: What Does Smart Home Automation Offer?

TouchWand’s diverse products can control practically any electric component in the connected home – from window shutters, door locks, AC systems, and hot water boilers to light switches, alarm systems and home appliances – TouchWand does wonders:

Flood sensors: in case a water leak is detected, configure TouchWand to notify the property manager.


Temperature control: set desired room temperatures for different times of the day or dependent on room occupancy
(if no one’s in the room, lower temperature; raise room temperature after sundown.)


Heat/Smoke detectors: if smoke is detected, or if heat exceeds 50 degrees Celsius,
configure TouchWand to notify the local Fire Department.


Window shutters: set the blinds to automatically open or close depending on available natural light,
and define the percentage to which they should open/close.