Personal Safety Starts at Home

In addition to controlling smart home security systems, including door and window locks, alert notifications, and utilizing motion sensors to identify unwanted intruders, TouchWand also measures personal safety by connecting to health trackers, panic buttons, and indoor and outdoor wall sensors that monitor for dangerous or hazardous occurrences within the home, including temperature, humidity, fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, flooding, and more.

TouchWand Scenarios Safe @ Home

True smart home safety goes beyond security measures, to include the monitoring of health & well-being.

Automate Alerts & Notify Services

All connected sensors communicate with the TouchWand Wanderfull™ controller to provide ongoing monitoring, reporting and alerting. Home owners using this central hub can configure automated scenarios to send alerts to personal contacts, care providers or relevant municipal services (in communities where such a service is available); for example:

•  If heat sensors sense an indoor temperature exceeding 50 degrees Celsius, or smoke detectors go off in the home, an alert will be sent to the local fire department through the TouchWand cloud.
•  If personal pulse sensors sense an anomaly, or if a panic button is triggered, an alert will be sent to the local senior assistance center.
•  If flood and moisture humidity sensors are triggered by an anomaly, an alert can be sent to the local water department or as assigned plumbing service, while activating the ventilation system.
•  If indoor or outdoor temperature sensors detect a sudden drastic change in climate, the system can be set to identify if there are people on the premises, turn the AC system on/off accordingly, and notify the home owner or a designated emergency contact.

Home owners that are also subscribed to the TouchWand cloud and support service can chose to send notifications to the TouchWand support center as well, for real-time and ongoing monitoring of the situation.

Having the option to connect personal health sensors to the central smart home safety control hub is a significant factor when planning a smart home. Since TouchWand is compatible with most Z-Wave brands and additional devices beyond the TouchWand line of home automation products, it allows home owners to include this important service, upon installation or in the future. Connected healthcare products is a growing market, and no one knows when they’ll need to add such supported devices to their lives. By building the smart home around the TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub, home owners can sleep soundly at night knowing that they will always have the option to include new well-being functionalities to their home, whenever needed, as needed.