Why Build Smart Homes with TouchWand?

TouchWand is not just another manufacturer of smart home building solutions – it’s a service. TouchWand is known for the company’s hands-on approach to smart home development, as it delegates experienced teams to work alongside builders and developers, throughout their entire project. This hands-on service is an important part of the building process; when a TouchWand team is assigned to a project, it’s present during every step – from the initial planning of the smart home or building, throughout all execution phases to the final setup.

Developers working with TouchWand can expect a dedicated team to be on-site, overseeing the project and making sure that all building standards are met. When the project is near completion, the TouchWand team is there to help clients set up their home system and teach them all they need to know about the TouchWand app and the included support service, offered in local languages around the world.

When it comes to large scale projects, such as hotels or schools, TouchWand offers a system that can address the specific needs that come with buildings of such sizes, including the ability to monitor individual rooms and provide electricity consumption stats and various data (smoke, water, temperature) per guestroom or classroom.

From providing the best products, while abiding to the latest green building requirements and answering all special needs that may be required throughout different building projects – TouchWand brings it all together with the full-service on-site package.

Why TouchWand Products Stand Out

Compliant with LEED building requirements, meeting USGBC and EDGE standards, developers and home owners alike can rest assured knowing the homes they build with TouchWand are sustainable and efficient – both environmentally and economically. And since TouchWand products are wire-free and can be easily installed in existing fixtures, to be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, their setup process is quick, easy and economical, and can be implemented in new homes or in existing electricity infrastructures, without having to rewire the entire property.

Among the Wi-Fi supported products is the TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub, a central controller that is compatible with major Z-Wave products and KNX devices, enabling the integration of additional IOT devices in the future. When customers use the TouchWand hub along with the TouchWand cloud service & multilingual global support, they can expect the highest level of all-inclusive full-featured smart homes.

By offering the latest solutions in both hardware and cloud services, TouchWand brings smart buildings to a new level of awareness – awareness of the surroundings, awareness of the environment, and awareness of the people in the home – delivering smarter, knowledgeable, truly intelligent homes.